What documents do I need for a loan application? 

Being prepared for the loan application process, which includes the preapproval process, is the best way to speed it along. Having the documents you need on hand will help. Mortgage lenders need this information to verify your finances for preapproval and later for the file they will send to the loan underwriter.

What do mortgage lenders want to know about you?

What documents do you need for the loan application?

Your mortgage broker will need to verify the financial information you offer. You’ll need the following documentation and information.  

Income Information and Documents

Income Information needed for all borrowers listed on application 

  • W-2 forms (two years’ worth)  
  • Copies of two most recent paystubs (last 30 days) 
  • Self-employment requires year-to-date profit and loss statement (two years’ worth), Form 1099s used for income reporting and taxes. Must be self-employed for two full years. 
  • Alimony and Child Support 
  • Real estate income documentation includes rental income, address, lease, and current market value of rental property if using this to quality for a mortgage 


  • Most recent 2 months’ bank statements (60 days) complete statement/all pages.  
  • This includes any source of funds you’re using as assets for this loan (e.g., savings, checking, money market, mutual funds, stocks, bonds, retirement, gifts, trust, net equity) 
  • List any property you own free and clear, and the taxes and insurance associated with this property. 
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Your credit report will provide most of the information needed about your debt. Share any debt that isn’t likely to be on your credit report.  

  • A loan from your employer that may show up on your pay stub.  
  • Personal loans or any documented outside loans 
  • Any kind of loan that has a lien against the property 

Real Estate Debt: If you currently have a mortgage, share the most recent mortgage statement.  

Other Records and Information:

  • Renters: If your credit is below 640, you may need to show payments for the last 12 months, contact information for landlord for the past two years 
  • Divorce: Be prepared to share any documentation relating to child support and alimony payments. This includes ALL pages of divorce decree. If you don’t have the divorce decree in PDF file, you can get it from your attorney.  
  • Bankruptcy and foreclosure: All pages of bankruptcy or foreclosure documents, even the blank pages. 
  • Copy of valid ID 
  • Social Security Number 


The more prepared and organized you are with your documentation the better. This will help the process move more quickly by providing your mortgage broker with all the information needed to get your loan application approved.