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FAQ's about Real Estate Agents

Who pays the agents’ commissions?

The seller pays both the buyer’s and listing agents’ commissions.

Do I have to use an agent?

No. There’s no requirement that you must use an agent when you’re buying or selling.

Do I have to sign a contract with an agent?

Some agents will have you sign a buyer’s agent agreement, so it’s clear that they are working on your behalf. Both parties should communicate clearly as to the working relationship to avoid confusion. These agreements can be for a 3–6-month period. Listing agents typically have sellers sign listing contracts for a six-month period.

Should I have my own agent or just rely on the seller’s agent?

The listing agent represents the best interests of the seller. It’s not their responsibility to make sure you understand the contract and legalities of the transaction.

Can one agent help me with any home on the market or just their listings?

Any agent can show you any listing. It doesn’t matter how many listings your agent has. They have access to the MLS and can schedule a showing.

DIY or buyer's agent?

Buyer's Agent

  • Help you determine how much house you can afford
  • Find homes through the MLS
  • Schedule showings 
  • Recommend a reputable mortgage broker 
  • Help you get preapproved 
  • Is licensed to sell real estate 
  • Conduct market research on comparable homes for offers 
  • Give advice in a bidding war 
  • Prepare and submit your offers Protect your interests with contract contingencies 
  • Negotiate with the seller’s agent Oversee the appraisal process 
  • Address your questions about the closing

FSBO or by agent?

Listing Agent

  • Create and publish listing in MLS
  • Help you set the asking price based on market research 
  • Help to stage your home and coordinate photos 
  • Create marketing materials 
  • Organize open houses 
  • Receive offers 
  • Prepare your counteroffers 
  • Answer questions about disclosures
  • Reprsents your interests in the transaction
  • Is licensed to sell real estate 
  • Guide you through the inspection and closing

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